Hi I’m Neil Butler and I am The Biz Whiz

Since 1989, I have been working with organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping them to grow their business, identifying issues and developing innovative solutions for them. Along the way, I have gathered all sorts of ideas that make a positive difference to the way that small and medium sized businesses can operate.

What I want to do now is to use that knowledge and experience to help small (and medium sized!) businesses to fly. Not just exist. I want them to discover new ways of doing things. I want them to realise that running a small or medium sized business can be an exciting, fun and profitable thing to do in your life.

The Biz Whiz is not your standard, structured business coaching program. Those programs certainly have their place but often provide you with the information THEY want to give you – NOT the information YOU want to know.

No, The Biz Whiz has been established to be different. To provide a different perspective. To be flexible to YOUR needs not ours. We take the time to understand what YOU want to achieve before we get started.

I’d love to have a chat about how we can help you. Please contact me to arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION conversation about how our services can help your small business to fly.

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Neil Butler

The Biz Whiz – Ideas that help to make your business fly.

What We Do At The Biz Whiz

One of the great things about being The Biz Whiz is that no two days are ever the same. We are asked to do a wide variety of things during any given week and so it makes it difficult to actually nail down a list of things that we do. That said, the following services are the ones that we think set us apart from the crowd.

If what you are looking for doesn’t exist in this list, please call me to discuss your specific requirements.


3GI – Three Great Ideas

Suffering from “idea fatigue”? Let’s get together for an hour, discuss your business and you’ll walk away with at least Three Great Ideas. Guaranteed!

More about 3GI – Three Great Ideas

Biz Whiz Quiz

Biz Whiz Quiz

When did you last ask the people you deal with – customers, suppliers, employees – how they feel about working with your business? The Biz Whiz Quiz does that for you.

More about The Biz Whiz Quiz

Secret Site Visitor

Secret Site Visitor

First impressions count. Many of your clients gain that impression online. Let us check your web site and your social media presence to ensure that it is current and engaging.

More about the Secret Site Visitor

Your Trusted Advisor

Your Trusted Advisor

Running a small business can be tough, particularly for family businesses, sole traders and partnerships. Let The Biz Whiz be Your Trusted Advisor.

More about Your Trusted Advisor



Ready to start your own business, but you are not too sure where to start? You’re not on your own. Let us give your new business the Kixstart it needs!

More about Kixstart

Small Biz Recruit

Small Biz Recruit

You run a small business so you can’t afford to use a recruitment service. Wrong – we’ve reinvented recruitment, specifically for small businesses.

More about Small Biz Recruit

Your Trusted Advisor

Get It Done

If you have things to do and projects to complete but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to, let The Biz Whiz work with you to Get It Done.

More about Get It Done



Do you run a small to medium size business in Geelong, the Surf Coast or the Bellarine? If so, you need to know about Geebiz – as local as you are.

More about Geebiz


Recommended Products

In our world, we are often exposed to new products and ideas. If we find one that we think in REALLY useful, we’ll post details of them here.

Recommended Products

“Neil Butler is a serious Biz Whiz and is the exact type of business pro I wish I knew about when I was in the planning stages of my business. Why? Because he’s super sharp and observant, practical, personable, and an excellent listener … Long story short, if you’re trying to get a new business off the ground or already have an existing small business, Neil offers the kind of Biz Whiz services and advice you need.”

Anna – Proprietor – The Book Bird (Geelong, Vic)

Latest Thoughts From The Biz Whiz

Here are the latest thoughts from The Biz Whiz – sometimes opinions, sometimes suggestions, sometimes recommendations, always thought-provoking.

More thoughts and other categories

“Neil has long been a ‘go-to’ person for me and my company, providing both formal advice and responding to ‘can I bounce this off you’ in a more informal advisory capacity. His varied experience in a range of industries, private and public sector and in large and small businesses provides a unique perspective on just about any issue I bring to him … I would thoroughly endorse the value Neil and The Biz Whiz has been able to provide to me in my role as CEO.”

Craig – CEO – CaseWare Australia & New Zealand (Melbourne, Vic)

Why We Are Different

When I established The Biz Whiz, I wanted people to think “Wow, they look different”. You see, there are so many small business advisors, consulting businesses, business coaches and others, all of whom offer their services to small and medium-sized organisations, just like yours. But I don’t want The Biz Whiz to just be another one of those – I want there to specific and noticeable differences, so here we go!

We understand that small and medium sized businesses have a very different dynamic to larger organisations. The “one-size-fits-all” approach offered by some of the others simply doesn’t work for smaller businesses. We have designed our products and services with smaller businesses at the forefront of our mind.
And our rates reflect that as well.

We are committed to simplification and pragmatic thinking. We are thorough without being onerous. We work WITH our clients not FOR them. We work towards achieving YOUR business requirements, not OURS.

We know that working with “outsiders” can be daunting, particularly when it involves going into professional services offices where people dress in suits and ties. We have reduced the level of formality and structure without reducing the level of professionalism, knowledge and experience.

We also understand that when you are running a smaller organisation, it’s “all hands on deck” during the business day. We know that it is often difficult to “put the tools down” for a few hours to spend time working on your business. And so, we offer very flexible working arrangements – we can meet for breakfast or can catch up for a drink after hours. We are happy to meet with you on the weekend if that suits you better. We can come to your house or chat while you are having some lunch in the coffee shop up the street. We can even “meet” with you via Skype or telephone if you are pressed for time or located in a far away place!

Simply put – we fit in with your organisation, not the other way around.

I think that we have so much to offer to small and medium sized businesses across Australia and in a way that sets us apart from the plethora of consulting firms. Why not contact us for a NO OBLIGATION chat about how The Biz Whiz can help your business to fly?

I look forward to hearing from you really soon.

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Neil Butler

The Biz Whiz